Bicycling Accidents

Whether it’s your favorite past time, part of your exercise program, or your way of getting around town, bicycling is incredibly popular among those living in Atlanta.

You may not realize it, but each year about 50,000 Americans are injured while riding their bikes. Unfortunately, approximately 500 of these accidents result in death. Despite the growth of the Atlanta Beltline and other bike plans, bicycling accidents still occur in the greater Atlanta area. Many of these accidents occur because of negligent drivers.

Moraitakis & Kushel is Georgia’s serious injury law firm. We’ve helped those involved in bicycling accidents recoup the maximum compensation following the incident.

Who is at Risk of a Bicycling Accident?

Bicycling injuries can happen to anyone, but riders most at risk are recreational, commuter, and competitive cyclists.

    • Recreational bikers can include rides of all ages, skill, and abilities.
    • Commuters use bicycling as a way to get to and from work or school. These bicyclists usually travel at the busiest times of the day in rush hour and morning traffic.
    • Many cycling groups compete and will therefore train for upcoming tours and races.

Causes of Bicycling Accidents in Georgia

When Georgia drivers drive with carelessness, the results can be devastating. Many bicycling accidents are caused by:

    • A vehicle pulled out in front of a bicyclist
    • Driver not checking their mirrors before changing lanes or turning
    • Driver not keeping a safe distance from the bicyclist.
    • The driver could be under the influence
    • Driver failing to stop for a red light

Cyclists have the same right to the roads as cars — no matter how busy the street is. These bicycling accidents regularly occur because auto drivers are not vigilant in maintaining a lookout for cyclists. Collisions with bicyclists can be severe, causing debilitating and permanent injuries that result in significant financial losses to individuals involved and their families.

Get the Compensation Deserved Following a Bicycling Accident in Atlanta

In a bicycling accident case, you shouldn’t have to pay for someone else’s negligence. You may be able to seek compensation for medical bills, missed work, emotional distress, funeral costs or more.

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