Slip and Fall Injuries

Slip and fall injuries are one of the most common personal injuries, and can be caused by the fault of another person or company’s negligence. Slip and fall accidents can cause injuries from broken bones to head injuries that require medical care and expenses. In order to receive compensation for a slip and fall injury, it’s important that you can prove that another person is liable for the accident and the injuries.

Proving Fault for a Slip and Fall Injury

With slip and fall injuries, in order to receive compensation, you have to be able to prove liability for the responsible party. Ask these questions to help prove fault:

  • Did you trip over a broken or untidy part of flooring that should have been cleaned up or repaired? Was there standing water that caused a slipping hazard?
  • Was there any signage warning about the danger?
  • Was the facility adequately maintained and cleaned?
  • Was there an object that was left on the floor that shouldn’t have otherwise been there? Was the object there for a good reason?
  • Could there have been a barrier around the dangerous area or object to prevent falls or trips?
  • Was there poor or insufficient lighting?

If you can prove that an employee directly caused an accident (spill or broken equipment) or didn’t report or choose to fix broken equipment or poor conditions, this can also help assign liability to recover losses.


Once you can prove that an accident was caused by an object or condition at a person’s facility or home, you have to prove that it was reasonable for the owner to know about the issue and to have solved the problem.

If a “reasonable” person could have known and resolved the issue that caused the slip and fall, you may be able to prove fault. If they couldn’t have known, didn’t have time to act on the issue before the accident, or wouldn’t have been able to fix the issue without considerable cost, it may be more difficult to prove fault.

For example, if someone tripped over a toolbox while something in the facility was being repaired, it was probably reasonable for that toolbox to be there. If, however, someone tripped over a toolbox from repairs that took place months ago, it’s probably unreasonable for that toolbox to still be there.

Proving Fault and Recovering Losses in Slip and Fall Injuries in Atlanta

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