Business Torts

Also known as economic torts, business torts are civil wrongs committed against a business or corporation that cause economic loss. They cause harm, or “injury”, to intangible assets such as reputation, goodwill, and business relationships. The law allows businesses to seek compensation for their losses from individuals or other entities that have caused these damages.

What Constitutes a Business Tort?

Many actions can cause harm to a business through different avenues of conduct. Some common examples of business torts are:


  • Computer torts vary by jurisdiction. When an individual intentionally damages hardware or software that interferes with a company’s profit, or when negligent use of a computer occurs, they may be held liable.
  • Theft of trade secrets occurs when another business gains unfair advantages by the use of confidential information.
  • Disparagement is the act of giving false or negative statements regarding the quality of a product or good.
  • Breach of contract is when one party in a binding agreement does not honor their portion of the arrangement, or when there is an issue of non-performance.
  • Tortious interference occurs when an individual intentionally ruins a business relationship or contract.
  • There are many other types of business torts, understanding what type of tort your claim will fall under is important. If an individual or business entity has caused damages to your company you may be able to sue in a civil suit.

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