How much is my auto accident case worth?

If someone else’s negligence, reckless driving or improperly maintained car caused your auto accident, there’s a good chance one of our Atlanta accident attorneys can help you obtain the compensation you’re entitled to. This settlement would cover all current and future medical expenses, property damage, lost wages and pain and suffering. We have an experienced team of lawyers that will thoroughly investigate every aspect of your auto accident and help you and your family pay for the aftermath.

Can I sue an owner for an injury sustained on their property?

Any company, individual or entity who owns property is responsible for maintaining and securing the premises where you were injured. This includes slipping on a puddle for lack of drainage or water cleanup, operating faulty equipment that malfunctions and leads to injury or not having security cameras installed in high-risk neighborhoods. We have experience representing clients in premises liability cases, and if we suspect any negligence led to your injury, will sue for maximum compensation.

What type of damages is my family entitled to for a wrongful death claim?

Surviving family members can immediately recover for the full value of the life of the decedent, funeral and medical costs, pain and suffering, loss of future earnings potential, loss of benefits and any other compensation the loved one provided for the family.

Are nursing homes monitored or regulated for potential abuse and neglect?

The Georgia Department of Human Resources Office of Regulatory Services (ORS) conducts routine inspections of nursing homes across the state and is required to quickly respond to any complaint filed by a patient or resident. If you do suspect any wrongdoing with senior care, please contact the Georgia Health Care Association or contact us immediately so we can begin investigating any abuse before it gets worse.

How would you determine if I had a legitimate medical malpractice case?

We will have a court approved medical expert review your records. If the medical expert is certain some form of negligence or malpractice occurred an affadavit will be prepared and suit filed documenting the negligence and damage caused.  We have filed many successful medical malpractice lawsuits and know how to obtain the maximum compensation for the tragic damage you or a loved one has suffered.

What are some different types of product defects you can receive compensation for?

Many different types of product defects exist but one of the more common occurrences is some form of car defect, namely vehicle rollovers, fuel fed fires, seatbelt issues or tire and brake defects. If we can prove the manufacturer knew about the defect or didn’t take every measure to recall a product, then you may be entitled to full legal compensation.

How much are legal fees?

You will only be charged for legal fees once there is a successful conclusion to your litigation such as a settlement or conclusion of the trial. This is generally a percentage of the recovery made.