Protect Loved Ones Against Sexual Abuse in Nursing Homes

hile most nursing homes provide Georgia seniors with the high quality care they deserve, many elderly people experience abuse and neglect in their care facilities. From physical abuse to financial exploitation, crimes against elders take many different forms. Sexual abuse in nursing home is one of the serious crimes that many elder loved ones suffer from.

The experienced legal team at Moraitakis & Kushel, L.L.P. understands the delicate nature of sexual abuse in nursing homes. Often senior victims are embarrassed or ashamed to report the abuse. We recommend that families research their elder care facility and take the following steps to protect loved ones against nursing home sexual abuse:

Frequently Visit Loved Ones in Nursing Homes

Make if a goal to visit loved ones several times a week at different times of day. Frequent visits from family members decrease the likelihood of abuse or an attack. When visitors make frequent visits at different times, attackers are less able to plan an assault.

Ask about Changes in Injuries or Behavior 

If your loved one has unexplained bruises or acts anxious, ask questions. Your senior family member or the nursing home staff should be able to explain where bruises and injuries came from. Unexplained bruises or behavior changed should be thoroughly investigated and brought to the attention of the nursing home supervisor.

Observe Interactions Between Loved Ones and Nursing Home Staff

Make it a goal to watch your senior loved one interact with nursing home staff and other residents. If your elderly family member exhibits anxiety or stress when a certain staff member approaches to help with bathing, dressing, or using the bathroom, then you definitely need to start asking questions.

How to Report Sexual Abuse 

If your loved one is sexually abused in their elder care facility, talk to the nursing home administrator, contact your senior family member’€™s doctors, and call the police. The experienced nursing home abuse attorneys at Moraitakis & Kushel, L.L.P. help you and your family members navigate the legal process with respect and find justice.

Speak with Our Representatives at Moraitakis & Kushel

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