Find a Wrongful Death Attorney in Atlanta

When the unthinkable occurs and a member of your family dies tragically in Atlanta due to the negligence of someone else, you and your family may be entitled to compensation for the harm you’ve suffered. It may be difficult and... Continue Reading

Faulty Airbags Incite Massive Automotive Recall

One of the world’€™s leading producers of automotive safety products and systems, Takata Corporation, is behind a massive vehicle recall involving faulty airbags. According to preliminary reports, the affected airbag inflators may explode and send bits of metal shrapnel into... Continue Reading

Elements of a Successful Products Liability Case

The laws of products liability vary by state, but there are common requirements and factors in products liability cases that allow plaintiffs to be successful. The three types of liability include manufacturing defects, design defects, and a failure to warn... Continue Reading

Elder Abuse Law Firm in Atlanta

Elder abuse in Atlanta nursing homes is almost unthinkable. Unfortunately, it is far more common than you might imagine. If your loved one has been the victim of abuse while living as a resident in a nursing home or senior... Continue Reading

Drunk Driver Runs Through Fatal Accident Scene

In the early morning hours of November 9th in Miami, a drunk driver reportedly barreled through the scene of an already-fatal car accident. Police were processing the scene of the fatal accident when 29-year-old Juan Frias drove through the scene... Continue Reading

Truck Driver Looking at Facebook at Time of Crash

Last May, Arizona Department of Public Safety officer Tim Huffman was killed when truck driver Juan Espinoza ran into several emergency vehicles that were responding to a roadside accident. Investigators who examined the dashboard camera of Espinoza’€™s vehicle found that... Continue Reading