Gunshot Victim Wins $17.5M Award in Malpractice Suit

A young man and his parents were recently awarded $17.5 million after filing a medical malpractice suit against Grady Memorial Hospital, Emory University, and several medical staffers. The Dekalb County jury agreed that the aforementioned parties were responsible for brain damage that occurred after the young man was treated for a gunshot wound.

Back in spring 2008, Sheriod Merritt, then 19, was walking through a Wal-Mart parking lot in Lovejoy when a stray bullet hit him in the face. The bullet fractured his jaw and left fragments in the back of his throat. Yet he had what surgeons called a €˜golden injury’€™, which means he was still able to walk and talk despite his injury.

Merritt underwent surgery to wire his jaws together two days later. His throat and airway were still significantly swollen at the time. Although the surgery was successful, Merritt became agitated as he came out of surgery and tore loose a breathing tube.  Because his jaws were wired, his breathing was even more obstructed, leaving him oxygen deprived for several minutes. He had already suffered permanent brain damage by the time doctors replaced the breathing tube.

The verdict concluded that half of the liability belonged to Emory University and the resident anesthesiologist who oversaw Merritt’€™s sedation, and half to Grady, which employed the nurse practitioner who assisted the doctor.

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