Family Awarded $3 Million after Newborn’s Death

A Bryant County jury awarded $3 million for the death of a baby in a car crash. At the time of the crash, Murphy Foster McKeel, the baby, was in utero. As a result, he was prematurely delivered, sustained brain damage, and died a month and a half later.

After just three hours, the jury awarded $2 million for the life of the baby, $1 million for the mother’€™s pain and suffering, and $83,000 for the father’€™s loss of consortium.

Erica McKeel, the baby’€™s mother, was seven months pregnant with her first child when the crash occurred on January 5, 2012. She was driving on GA 144 in Richmond Hill, heading to work at the Bryan County Recreation Department when another driver turned left in front of her. Although she sounded her horn and tried to miss the oncoming car, she was unable to avoid the collision.

Defendant Cuong Nguygen was driving a car owned by his brother, Minh Nguyen. Both drivers were taken to the hospital by ambulance.

On January 6, while in the hospital, McKeel’€™s amniotic sac broke. She was given antibiotics and remained in the hospital for two weeks. Yet infection developed, and the placenta abruption (a condition in which the placenta looses from the uterine wall) caused bleeding. The baby had to be delivered via emergency c-section.

Although the defense succeeded in an effort to drop the owner of the car from the case, they failed to remove Limelight Bar & Grill, the business in which the driver and brother were part owners, from the case. Limelight Bar & Grill was covered by a $2 million auto insurance policy.

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