Exposé Sheds Light on Physicians and Sexual Assault

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution conducted an alarming new investigation into documented cases of physician sexual abuse. The examination initially started in Georgia and they discovered that two out of three doctors in the state who were disciplined for sexual misconduct kept their license or lost it and got it back. There were many different types of cases, including, fondling, molestations, and even rape.

Each case in public records detail doctors identifying their actions but consequence to their crimes were often not reflective of the punishment they should receive. Many physicians continued to practice medicine with only a slap on the wrist.

The AJC extended their investigation to the nationwide search and found startling findings. Georgia was no different than any other state in the country, and the medical system protects doctors’ actions and leave patients victims without justice or legal recourse.

How Do They Get Away With It?

Patients are often sexually assaulted when they are sedated by drugs during surgical procedures. This is the most vulnerable time for patients and doctors can easily get away with sexual abuse and deny actions due to the patient’s impaired state.

A lot of patients do not report the sexual misconduct due to fears, intimidation, confusion, or simply embarrassment. Victims often feel they will not be heard or that their case will not be taken seriously. Worst of all, colleagues and nurses often stay quiet to avoid potential work relation issues. Hospitals can also ignore incidents and silence potential investigations.

Read More About This Fascinating Investigation

Dive into this eye-opening article about doctor sexual abuse cases and the cover ups. Read testimonials by victims, doctors, and experts to learn more about this largely silenced medical system issue.


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