Another Tragic Trucking Accident Increases Public Concern

On the night of September 26th, a trucking accident near Davis, Oklahoma resulted in the deaths of four softball players from North Central Texas College. The results of a toxicology test have not yet been revealed, but police report that the truck driver, Russell Staley, was found dazed in his cab with a bag containing several prescription drugs, some of which were known to cause drowsiness, and a silver pipe that allegedly smelled of marijuana.

Accident Increases Public Outcry for Trucking Industry Reform

Tragic stories like this have become all too familiar and all too frequent. Especially since the June 7thNew Jersey Turnpike accident that critically injured comedian Tracy Morgan and killed comedian James McNair, the subject of truck driver fatigue has gained increasing media attention. After Tracy Morgan’€™s accident and fatal accidents like this in Oklahoma, the public has called for stricter reforms and regulation in the trucking industry in order to prevent future accidents.

It is not yet known whether or not Staley, the truck driver responsible for the Oklahoma accident, was sleep-deprived at the time of the accident, but the evidence of prescription and potentially illegal drugs in his truck cab is very disturbing.

A spokesman for the National Transportation Safety Board has said that the organization will be implementing a full investigation into what caused the accident, in the hopes of determining what could prevent future, similar accidents.

While it is likely completely eradicate all automobile and trucking accidents, the expert attorneys at Moraitakis & Kushel believe that those accidents that are avoidable should be prevented by the trucking company regulations and safe, responsible driving habits by truck drivers. While the loss of four young women is tragic in itself, the tragedy is compounded by the fact that the accident could have most likely been prevented if proper safety guidelines had been followed.

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