What is Liposuction Malpractice?

Liposuction is the removal of fat in a specific area of the body. This should be done by a surgeon that is board certified and is skilled and trained in this area. The liposuction procedure includes a suction mechanism that... Continue Reading

Boating Accidents Near Atlanta, Georgia

With Atlanta situated near several lakes, and the ocean not far away, boating is a common activity among Georgians. With very warm summer temperatures, boating is the perfect way to beat the heat. It’s common to see speed boats, pontoons,... Continue Reading

How to Drive Safely Around Motorcycles

Warm weather means more motorcyclists on the road. Driving a motorcycle can cause another level of danger on the road not only for themselves, but other drivers as well. Especially in the warmer months, drivers need to be extra cautious... Continue Reading

Signs and Symptoms of Traumatic Brain Injury

According to the CDC, there were 282,000 hospitalizations related to traumatic brain injuries (TBI) and 56,000 deaths in 2013 alone. This injury is responsible for 30{feda45885e261fa14202848ec0416fdb5a1c332b072331bc4b7a4cd461f32529} of all injury deaths. Traumatic brain injuries are caused by a bump or jolt... Continue Reading

What to Look for in a Malpractice Lawyer

If you’ve experienced malpractice at the hands of a physician or other health care professional that’s left you or a loved one with injury or loss, then you understand the importance of being able to trust the integrity and ability... Continue Reading

Failure to Diagnose Cancer

You’ve just been diagnosed with cancer. You’re scared, angry, and confused, how could this happen? You’ve been seeing the doctor regularly and explaining all your symptoms to them. How did they not see this coming? Cancer is a disease that... Continue Reading

Winter Weather & Tractor Trailer Accidents

High winds, blowing snow, white-outs, and icy conditions can make roads incredibly treacherous and dangerous. These conditions combined can make the road slick and difficult to maneuver. In fact, weather is one of the main causes of tractor trailer accidents.... Continue Reading